A Year in the Life of Jenn and Lucien

Jenn and Lucien's Year - 2003

Wow, another year is over already. ItÕs very hard to believe that it is Christmas time again. 2003 has been an exciting and busy year for us. It started in January with a trip to Hawaii. We spent 8 beautiful days in Kauai. The weather was pretty good, a lot of sun, and a bit of rain, but it was definitely better than the Oregon rain. We spent one morning kayaking up a river and then had lunch near a secluded waterfall. Other highlights of the trip included having dinner on the beach, visiting the ŌGrand CanyonĶ of the Hawaii, and eating ŌShave IceĶ.
Waimea Canyon, also known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
n February, we spent a lovely weekend with JenniferÕs family at Odell Lake up near the Willamette Pass in the Cascades. The weekend was spent in the Cabin playing games and eating. Lucien really enjoys giving JenniferÕs cousin Al a bad time.

Lucien also decided to get his Motorcycle license this year. He spent one weekend at one of the local community collegesÕ learning the doÕs and donÕts of motorcycle safety and the state of Oregon now believes that he is able to ride out on public streets. ItÕs a good thing he has not bought a motorcycle yet. (Jennifer is afraid of a crash). Lucien thinks he might get a Vespa instead of a big bike.

In April we went to Palm Springs to visit LucienÕs mom and dad, who were down there for vacation. Unlike most days in Palm Springs, it was unusually cold and windy. The flights for us were nice and bumpy, and it was too cold for Jennifer to wear shorts.

At the end of April we picked up our chocolate lab ReeseÕs Pieces from central Oregon. From picking him up, we knew we had a special little guy, because he slept the entire 3 hour drive back. The months in between then and now have been tough, but fun.

Reeses @ 2 months, taken the day we brought him home
On the first weekend in May, the first of many of JenniferÕs dancing performances happened. She was the Autumn Fairy in Cinderella, her first solo in a ballet. She did a great job, and had a fun time to boot!

In the middle of July, Jennifer and Lucien and 10 of JenniferÕs family went to Disney World for 7 days. We all had a great time doing all of the standard rides, and at the end of the week got to preview Mission Space, a new space travel ride that uses a centrifuge. Lucien was really nervous about going on, but after the first time, he wanted to go back on it again and again. (We couldnÕt because we ran out of time).

Then Lucien went to Mountain View to finish his project for the year.

The day after he got back, he flew up to Calgary to see his two new nieces, Sarah and Emma. They are very, very cute, both with their own personality traits.. and hair.
Forgetting about slowing down, LucienÕs parents arrived for a short trip over the first weekend in September. The big excitement of that weekend was the planting of our first four plants we purchased that weekend, with LucienÕs momÕs help, and planted them with some loving Canadian care.

A mere two weeks later, Jennifer and Lucien and ReeseÕs went to Sunriver Oregon with our Mariners group from our church, for a weekend of hanging out, getting to know each other, and some sleep and golf. It was a good time, good fellowship. The highlight was probably ReeseÕs and his first swimming attempt, which he did with flying colors. Typical guy, he was trying to keep up and impress a female chocolate lab.

Yes, once again, a mere two weeks after that on the first weekend in October, Jennifer had a last minute business trip to Tokyo for a week. It was quick one; she spent almost all of it at work at the Nike facility outside of Tokyo, but did spend some time at night enjoying the nightlife of Rural Japan.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Lucien left to go to Calgary for his momÕs 60th birthday party, over the weekend of October 11th. It was a great time, a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant in Calgary, and then Canadian Thanksgiving with turkey and everything!

Jennifer and Lucien then meet up back in Oregon, in time for their 3rd wedding anniversary. (October 14th of 2000, for those of you who are wondering). Dinner that night was wonderful!

The week after that, Lucien went to the bay area for the week to help ship QuickBooks 6.0, the product he works on now. Will there be any more traveling in their lives?

Actually, yes! In the middle of November, Lucien traveled back down to the bay area for meetings for the next version of QuickBooks. He flew back on November 14th, in time for what?

The opening of the first Apple Store in Portland! Lucien and his friend Steve went to Washington Square mall at 6:30am, waited 3 1/2 hours, and were the 5th and 6th people into the store. It was a load of fun, for both of them. Apple Computer rocks!

In December Jennifer performed in SantaÕs Enchanted Workshop, a ballet done by Portland Community Ballet. And for Christmas, they are driving down to Yuba City for Christmas.

In General

Lucien has been volunteering at the local church, with the mid-high kids group, and the high school group. Two nights a week, but extremely fulfilling. Jennifer is also helping out with the high school kids group.