A Year in the Life of Jenn and Lucien

Jenn and Lucien's Year - 2004

As the world turns, so do the days of our lives.    Another year is gone and what a year it has been.  First, a little update on our life.  Jenn is still working at Nike as a Business Analyst.   She had the opportunity to visit Japan and South East Asia several times during the spring of 2004.   Lucien is still working at Intuit, though he is now working on QuickBooks for the Mac.    And we are still living in the Portland area of Oregon.    No kids yet, though we do have a very hyper Chocolate Lab named Reese’s.   He is currently a year and a half and still acts like a puppy.


In January, Jenn went on one of her many trips to South East Asia.   During this trip she spent a day in Manila, Bangkok, and a day and a half in Singapore.   It was a great trip, though she got very tired of eating Airline dinners.  

In February, Jenn performed in her second concert with the Skylark Tappers.   The Skylark Tappers are a company of adults who love to tap.   They put on all their own shows and are lead by Tap Instructor extraordinaire, Judy Tibbles.

In February, Lucien spent a couple of weeks in San Diego attending training for work.   He enjoyed being in the Sun in San Diego and seeing all of his co-workers.    At the end of the second weeklong trip, Jenn joined him for another week in so called Sunny California.   Jenn and Lucien had the opportunity to visit their friend, Maureen, and Jenn’s sister, Janet, while in San Diego.   Then they went to Disneyland for a couple of cold and raining days.   The original plan was to visit California to get away from the rain; it didn’t quite work out.   They finished up their week, in Palm Springs, where it finally warmed up just enough to wear shorts.

  At the beginning of May, Jenn and Lucien went back to San Diego to watch Maureen get married to Gary Clark, a great guy.  The wedding was beautiful and it was a lot of fun.   Congratulations again, Maureen and Gary.  
  Jenn then spent a very busy June and July in Japan working on the Nike Supply Chain Go-Live.   She spent a week and half in Japan in June helping the Japanese get prepared for Go-Live and then spent another 3 weeks in July helping with the actually Go-Live.  The best part of these trips was visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort.  The Tokyo Disney Resort comprised of two Theme Parks, Disneyland and Disney Sea, and several hotels.   Jenn had the opportunity to visit both parks and has a ton of pictures.   

While Jenn was in Japan, Lucien spent a week in San Francisco at WWDC; Apple’s Developer conference.   Again, he had a lot of fun hanging out with old Friends.    A few days after getting back from WWDC, Lucien flew up to Calgary to visit with Family and attend his friend’s, Brad, wedding reception.   

The day after Jenn got back from her last Japan trip, Lucien left for a week long Mission Trip to Mexico.   He joined 40 high school youth from Lake Grove Presbyterian Church working at a camp for orphan children.   He spent the first half of each day cleaning out the Bodega (a shed like building) and the afternoon hanging out with the Ninos from the orphanage.   It was truly a life-changing event for Lucien.


In August, Jenn and Lucien went to Las Vegas for the weekend with their good friends, Brian and Allison.   It was a unique experience as they stayed in the “Porn Room” at the Imperial Palace; it’s better not to ask.    They also had the chance to catch Cirque du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio.   It is a great show and they recommend it to anyone who visits Vegas.

As usual, over Labor Day Weekend, Jenn and Lucien spent several days at Disneyland with Jenn’s family.  This year there were a total 13 people, including first times with the group, Jim Gibson and Janet Hoffman.    All had a great time, though I doubt that Jim and Janet will be joining us again for a while.


The fall has been pretty quiet compared to the rest of the year.   Both Jenn and Lucien have been helping out with the High School Youth Group, Entheos, at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church.   They both love working with the great youth and staff that make the group a truly unique bunch.   They have had the opportunity so far this year to go on a Staff Leadership Retreat at the Beach, a Fall Youth Retreat on Mount Hood, and a Presbyterian Youth Conference in the wonderful town of Canby (it’s 15 minutes from their house).  

At Thanksgiving, Jenn had the wonderful privilege to work on Thanksgiving Day as the Project that she works on at Nike had another Go-Live.    Though, her sister, Julie, did come to visit and the three of them spent Thanksgiving Dinner at the Caldwell’s, whom Jenn and Lucien meet through Entheos.   Most of the weekend was spent hanging out together.


Jenn and Lucien’s Christmas plans include driving to Calgary to spend a week with Lucien’s family.

Jenn and Lucien hope and pray that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and a very good New Year.   See you in 2005.